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Infant Program

                No other time in our life span do we learn more in such a small amount of time than infancy. Our biggest gift to our children is to provide the right environment to allow for this tremendous growth to take place. Within this safe, children need to be given a stimulating, yet soothing surrounding so that each step of their developmental process can be reached with comfort and a delightful sense of accomplishment. Our program focuses on giving each child the building blocks they need each and every day to be healthy, happy and well adjusted toddlers. This entails giving each child the environment that includes:

  • Curriculum that focuses on motor(both large and fine), language, cognitive and social development on a daily basis!
  • A variety of sensory  activities including: art, water tables, sand and puddy etc..
  • A safe and inviting environment to help with interactions and socialization with other infants and toddlers.
  • Psychologically and developmentally appropriate interactions with caregivers and environment to help ensure a positive sense of self
  • Understanding of each child’s individual needs and unique personalities to help foster positive growth.
  • And Finally, the most important aspect of our program, which without non of the above would be possible:  teachers that are here to show unconditional love, positive regard and fostering of a positive trusting relationship with each child.
  • Language development: we are constantly reading, singing and talking with our infants. We also use American Sign Language to help start the path of communication for each child!



Preschool Program Description


Toddler Program

This is the transition from our Infant room into a "big kid" preschooler program. In this program the curriculum and structure of the classrooms become more preschool like. The developmental curriculum, size of each class and pace is geared specifically with the needs of a toddler in mind. This is the stage where exploration and stimulation into larger social groups are introduced. Introduction to letters, numbers, shapes and colors are very basic in this program. Although they will be a part of the curriculum, we feel that helping healthy social behavior, socialization, and the beginning of communicating all feelings and needs are very important aspects of this stage.

Preschool Program

We have two very important goals in our program at Rise N Shine the first: a positive self-esteem and second: a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Through structured instruction time, carefully planned out curriculum in all early childhood subject areas and different learning environments, we hope to help each child achieve their best potential. In this program the children will learn in a whole group, small group, individual as well and independent planned times.

Pre-Kindergarten Program  (Children who will be 4 prior to September 1st)

This program’s goal is to have each child be prepared for kindergarten. The focus of the curriculum is Kindergarten Readiness Skills which are a part of the California Board of education. There will be an assessment at the beginning of the school year at which point there will be a parent/teacher conference to discuss the upcoming year and goals for the individual child. Kindergarten Readiness Skills include: Socio-Emotional, Fine Motor, Writing/Visual perception, Language Development, PreReading/Comprehension &Decoding, Mathematics/Number Sense, Mathematics/Functions-Measurement-Geometry-Reasoning and Large Motor Skills.

we guarantee your child will be fully prepared for kindergarten after a full year with us!



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